09 outubro 2012

Geology Field Camp - New Zealand 2012 -13

This course provides training in basic through to more advanced field geological methods, with applications to geological problems in the varied structural and geomorphic settings of New Zealand. As well as introducing students to geological mapping in sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks, the course includes mapping and analysis of active tectonic features and incorporates a variety of geophysical techniques. New Zealand provides an unparalleled variety of tectonic settings for these studies conducted in different parts of the country. The course emphasizes the understanding of three-dimensional structure and lithology, and time-dependant deformation in this dynamic, tectonically-active region.

Course dates: 29 December 2012 - February 1 2013
Fees: $NZ9.999  (near 3.800€)
Fees include:
     all course fees and government tax;
     travel, medical and accident insurance from the start of your travel to your return home;
    3 meals/day at least 6 days a week;
    all accommodation - 7 days/week;
    all transport from start of course to finish including extensive ground travel and inter-island ferry crossing;
Fees DO NOT include travel to and from New Zealand

Prerequisites: Petrology, Structural Geology, and Sedimentology/Stratigraphy. Transcripts are required and selection is at the Course Director’s discretion.

Application deadline: Applications close on the 23 November 2012 preceding the course. Details will be sent to applicants once they have been accepted.

Payment deadline: Full payment of field camp and tuition fees is required by 1 December, payable to Massey University. Details on how to pay will be provided with the offer of place.

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