20 maio 2013

Unsaturated Soils: Basic Concepts and Applications - Webinar

Presenter: Eduardo Alonso
Title: Unsaturated Soils: Basic Concepts and Applications (Part 1 and Part 2)
Date of recording:9 July 2012
Duration: 01:52:31

Unsaturated Soils: Basic concepts and applications, and computational tools and case histories, including embankment collapse, earthdam behaviour and foundation swelling.

Part 1: Hydromechanical behaviour of collapsible and expansive soils

Aims and scope. The webinar will provide a condensed and modern understanding of the hydro-mechanical behavior of unsaturated soils stressing the links among the relevant and unique features of the behavior of unsaturated soils: water retention, permeability, effect of suction on stiffness, volumetric response and strength. Two wide classes of soils will be covered: low to medium plasticity, open structure and expansive materials.
The following topics will be developed in the webinar:
- Geotechnical problems involved
- Testing. Suction control
- Main hydraulic and mechanical variables: suction and constitutive stress
- Mechanical behavior of low to medium plasticity soils
- Expansive soils

Part 2: Computational tools and case histories. Embankment collapse, earthdam behaviour and foundation swelling.

Aims and scope. Geotechnical practice involving unsaturated soils, ranging from foundations on natural collapsible or expansive soils to compacted embankments and earth dams can be approached today by design methodologies and advanced computational tools which are parallel to equivalent procedures in “regular” geotechnical practice for saturated soils.

The webinar will provide a set of concepts necessary to establish a predictive framework. In the second part, case histories will be presented. They illustrate the relevance of unsaturated soils mechanics in practice, the connection between theory and practice and the current capabilities of the models and computational tools.
Topics covered in the webinar are:
- Concepts of mass balance and equilibrium in unsaturated soils
- Initial and boundary conditions
- Examples
- Case histories

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