22 maio 2013

Eurocode-7 Past, Present, and Future - Webinar

Presenter: Andrew Bond
Title: Eurocode-7 Past, Present, and Future
Date of recording: 19 December 2011
Duration: 01:38:23

The lecture provides a brief review of the development of Eurocode 7 and - in particular - the way it fits in with the development of other European standards for structural design, ground investigation and testing, and execution of geotechnical works. Some of the more important technical questions relating to the implementation of Eurocode 7 into design practice will be discussed and suggestions made for their possible resolution. Finally, the work that is currently underway to evolve the next generation of Eurocodes will be described.

Vídeo: http://www.issmge.org/en/resources/recorded-webinars/553-eurocode-7-past-present-and-future

Fonte: www.issmge.org

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